Gear Shaving Cutters

  • Manufacturing of various types of Shaving cutters such as conventional, diagonal, under-pass and plunge-cut are undertaken
  • Special profiles are incorporated on the Cutter to generate tip relief, profile crowning, lead crowning, etc., on component
  • The Shaving machine at MHI-IPT tries out the Shaving cutter manufactured here, to confirm the profile accuracy. This is done at extra cost with necessary mandrels, component blanks, etc., supplied by the customer
  • Pre-shaved tools like Hobs/Shaping cutters along with Shaving cutters can be supplied from a single source - MHI-IPT. Hence, design parameters can be worked out to achieve optimum results on the components
  • Gear Shaving cutters made out of superior HSS Grades can be supplied.
  • Re-sharpening of MHI-IPT make cutters as well as imported cutters are carried out. Customers have to furnish the re-sharpening chart along with other make and imported cutters.
Shaving cutter
MODULE 1.25 TO 14
PCD 150mm TO 350mm
Helix angle Up to 40 deg RH & LH

Cutter Width in mm: Minimum 16 and Maximum 50.8

Bore in mm: 44.45 or 63.5 or 100

*Not Prime Check up with Gear NT before selecting