Gear Shaping Cutters

  • Module, DP and CP series Shaper Cutters are supplied by MHI-IPT
  • Various forms of Shaper cutters such as non-topping, semi-topping, topping, finishing, roughing, pre-shaving or pre-grinding, with or without protuberance, etc., are manufactured
  • Both spur type and helical type Gear Shaping cutters are made
  • Designing and Production of relief ground Shaping cutters for involute splines, worms (cutter to be used in hobbing machine by kinematics inversion process) and relief machined cutters for sprocket, parallel sided splines etc., are done at MHI-IPT
  • The range of Shaping cutters available at MHI-IPT includes different varieties of disc type, hub type and shank type. Tandem Shaping cutters are also supplied
  • Shaper cutter material is generally AISI M35 (6-5-2+5%Co). On special request, Shapers made in powder material (ASP 2030, ASP 2052) and TiN, Ti AIN, Alcrona Pro coated Shapers are supplied
  • Normally, accuracy classes are as per DIN 1829 Standard AA,A. However Shaper cutters are made to suit other accuracy Standards also.
Shaping cutter
MODULE 0.75 TO 12
PCD 12.7 TO 200mm
BORE DIAMETER 12.7, 16, 19.05, 22, 25.4, 31.75, 32, 44.45, 58.7375, 63.5, 70, 88.9, 101.6MM
Helix angle Up to 40 deg RH & LH
Shank Type OAL upto 160mm